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Campmeeting 2000

Evangelists: Rev Marshall Smart and Rev Earl Newton


Date Time   Title Click below to listen
    Music Tape #1  
    Music Tape #2  
5-19 PM Rev Marshall Smart Walking In the Light
5-20 AM Rev Marshall Smart A Crucified Christian
5-20 PM Rev Earl Newton Who Fixed the Roof
5-21 AM Rev Earl Newton Our Inheritance
5-21 PM Installation of President Whitaker  
5-22 AM Rev Marshall Smart If I Were the Devil
5-22 PM Rev Earl Newton Unclogging the Channels
5-23 AM Rev Earl Newton Bible Holiness
5-23 PM Rev Marshall Smart Disappointments at the Judgement
5-24 AM Rev Marshall Smart Do the Work of an Evangelist
5-24 PM Rev Earl Newton Why Revival Tarries
5-25 AM Rev Earl Newton Holiness Adornment
5-25 PM Rev Marshall Smart The Reason Why People Are Lost
5-26 AM Rev Marshall Smart Exhortation
5-26 PM Rev Earl Newton Graduation
5-27 PM Rev Marshall Smart Rejecting Christ
5-28 AM Rev Marshall Smart Make a Joyful Noise
5-28 Aft Rev Judy Williams Power In the King's Words
5-28 PM Children's Service  
5-28 PM Music  
5-28 PM Rev Earl Newton Suddenly