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Date Time   Title Click to Stream  
8-4 PM Glicks We Come To Sing Praise  
    Gilcks Holy Spirit Flow Through Me  
  Sermon Dr Michael Avery Making Way For the Word  
8-5 PM Glicks Having the Time of My Life  
    Glicks I Claim the Blood  
  Sermon Dr Michael Avery Prayer  
8-8 PM Glicks I've Found a Refuge
    Glicks Make Me a Vessel
  Sermon Dr Michael Avery Holiness Pt 1  
8-9 Pre-Service Exaltation (Union Bible College) Complete Service  
    Exaltation Their Under the Blood  
    Glicks I'm Glad I Know Who Jesus Is  
    Dr Michael Avery Closing Comments  
8-10 Sermon Dr Michael Avery Holiness Pt 2 Coming Soon  
8-11   Jeffery Glick He Put My Life Back Together Again  
    Glicks Don't Go To Heaven Alone  
    Glicks Let Me Loose My Life  
  Sermon Dr Michael Avery Holiness Pt 3  
8-12   Children's Program Complete Program  
    Glicks We're Not Home Yet Children  
    Glicks Daystar  
    Dr Michael Avery The God of the Second Chance  
    Courtesy Central Yearly Meeting of Friends Special Thanks to John Myers.