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Date Time Title   Click to Stream  
6-9 PM Hallelujah I Will Praise Him The Fullers  
    Use Us, Jesus The Fullers  
    When Fishers of Men Stop Fishing Dr Bob Bolois  
6-10 AM Redeeming Grace The Fullers  
    The Holy Spirit Dr Noel Scott  
6-10 Aft I Know What Jesus Did For Me The Fullers  
    Personalities Dr Bob Bolois
6-10 PM He Still Reigns The Fullers
    There was no sermon this evening due to an early altar service.      
6-11 AM Let Me Walk With Jesus The Fullers  
    Opening Our Hearts Dr Bob Bolois  
6-11 Aft Let Me Touch Him The Fullers  
    Hispanic Work Report    
6-11 PM I'm Happy Now The Fullers  
    I Know the Master of the Wind The Fullers  
    God's Kingdom and Satan's Kingdom Dr Bob Bolois  
6-12 AM Ordination Service    
    Into His Presence The Fullers  
    Saul's Conversion Dr Noel Scott  
6-12 Aft The Church Triumphant The Fullers  
    Communication Dr Bob Bolois  
6-12 PM I Am Redeemed The Fullers  
    The Broken Vessel The Fullers  

Personal Testimony of Sanctification

(The interference you here is not in the sound system. It is the rain we received during the service.)

Dr Noel Scott  
6-13 AM O To Be Like Thee Jesus The Fullers  
    Patterns In Church History Dr Bob Bolois  
6-13 PM Pre-Service Penn View Bible Institute  
    Pre-Service Conclusion Penn View Bible Institute  
    Sing Praises To Jesus The Fullers  
    Count Your Blessings Alan Ledford  
    Where Would I Be? The Fullers  
    There was no sermon this evening due to an early altar service.      
6-13 Afterglow Falling In Love For All the Right Reasons Dr Bob Bolois  
6-14 AM At the Name of Jesus The Fullers  
    Exodus 21 Dr Noel Scott  
6-14 Aft Personal Testimony Rev Chad Clark  
6-14 PM Medley The Fullers  
    His Grace Is Sufficient The Fullers  
    The Holy Spirit Part 2 Dr Noel Scott  
6-15 AM Medley The Fullers  
    A Wavering Stumbling Faith Dr Bob Bolois  
6-15 PM Hold On A Little Longer The Fullers  
    More Than I Ever Asked For The Fullers  
    Things That Should Be Found In Our Homes Dr Bob Bolois  
6-17 AM God Will Provide The Fullers  
    The Three Most Important Aspects of a Christian Dr Bob Bolois  
6-17 Aft In His Shadow The Fullers  
    God's Unshakeable Kingdom Rev David Fuller  
6-17   The Lamb Has Prevailed The Fullers  
    You're Still Lord The Fullers  
    Priorities Dr Noel Scott  
    Special Thanks to Brother Hoard and ICHA Ministries