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ICHA Preacher/Lay Convention 2008

Speaker: Rev Tom Reed

Live Streaming is available by clicking here.

Date Time Author Title Click to Listen  
02-26 PM Whitakers Pray  
    Rev Tom Reed Not For Sale  
02-27 AM Rev Orlow Webb The Art of Sermon Preparation Pt 1  
    Sister Webb Unite My Heart  
    Rev Tom Reed Being There  
02-27 Aft Sister Webb It's Still a Joy  
    Rev Orlow Webb The Art of Sermon Preparation Pt 2  
    Rev Keith Ledford Special Days  
    Tom Sproles Jr. Pastoral Ethics at Time of Death  
02-27 PM Sounds of Praise (Union Bible College) Pre-Service  
    Whitakers Too Much To Gain To Loose  
    Rev Tom Reed Exhortation  
02-28 AM Rev Mark Mowery Positives and Negatives of Long-Term Ministry  
    Dodrills He'll Be To You  
    Rev Tom Reed I Have Been Young and Now I'm Old  
02-28 Aft Rev Larry Grile Bible Teaching In the Pulpit  
02-28 PM Rev Buddy Perry CFC Update  
    Alan Ledford Count Your Blessings  
    Mitchells Hold On  
    Rev Tom Reed The God of Jonah  
    Courtesy ICHA Ministries Sound Technician: Nathan Stevens