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    April - August 2008 Other Months Available Here    
Date Time Author Title Click to Listen
4-6 AM Glicks No One Ever Cared Like Jesus  
    Dr Craig Dahler A Contrite Heart  
4-6 PM Yaneys Turn Back My Child  
    Dr Craig Dahler Character Counts  
4-13 AM Hilligosses Lord We Want To Know You  
    Dr Craig Dahler Holiness  
4-13 PM Harrises In The Center of His Will  
    Dr Craig Dahler Holiness  
4-27 AM Thomases In Him I'm Fully Trusting  
    Dr Craig Dahler The Keys of the Kingdom  
4-27 PM Pyles God Delivers Again  
    Dr Craig Dahler The Keys of the Kingdom  
5-4 AM Sister Dahler Jesus Rock Of Ages  
    No Sermon in AM      
5-4 PM James Black I'll Go  
    Dr Craig Dahler The Basic Message of the Bible  
5-11 AM Sister Crosby & Sister Rundell I Am Resting In the Arms Of God  
    Dr Craig Dahler The Influence of a Godly Mother  
5-11 PM Mothers Choir We Have This Moment  
    Dr Craig Dahler Seven Ways To Love Your Mother  
5-14   Missions Service    
5-18 AM No song or sermon due to early altar service.    
5-18 PM I'm Amazed Youth Choir  
    Touch Your People Once Again Andrew Dahler, Justin Hilligoss & Jonathon Glick  
    Lukewarmness Rev Josiah Wendell  
5-25 AM Glicks To Glorify Thee  
    Dr Craig Dahler I'm Here To Lift You Up  
6-1 AM Glicks Thats What Grace Is For  
    Rev Michael Frausto Mark 8  
6-1 PM Harrisses Trusting Him  
    Rev Roger Russell Matthew 7:12  
8-31 PM Glicks I Was Born To Serve the Lord  
    Dr Craig Dahler Six Days Shalt Thou Labor  
    Courtesy Noblesville Pilgrim Holiness Church Sound Techician: Scott B. Pyle II, Jon Wright & Drew Dahler