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Date Time   Title Click to Stream  
5-1 Pre-Service Andrew Dahler You Can Make It  
    Anthony Harris Endure  
  PM Bill & Crystal Kellogg Lord I Want To Praise You  
    Bill & Crystal Kellogg    
    Rev Darrell Stetler    
5-2 Devotional Rev Tim Forsee    
  AM Bill & Crystal Kellogg The Lord Stood By Me
    Bill & Crystal Kellogg My Victory Is Thine
    Rev Darrell Stetler

The Danger of the Ministry

  Afternoon Bill & Crystal Kellogg    
    Bill & Crystal Kellogg    
    Rev Darrell Stetler Preach the Word  
  Pre Service UBC Sounds of Praise Pre-Service  
  PM Kelloggs Precious Blood  
    Kelloggs The Blood Is Still There  
    Rev Darrell Stetler Passing the Torch  
5-3 Devotional Brother Laramie John 14  
  AM Kelloggs Glorious Love  
    Kelloggs Merciful To Me  
    Rev Darrell Stetler Are You an Agnostic?  
  Afternoon Kelloggs Blessed Promised Land  
    Kelloggs One More Time Will Do It  
    Rev Darrell Stetler The Faithfulness of God  
    Courtesy Midwest Pilgrim Holiness Church Audio Technician: Rev Paul Gray